Budapest Business School Faculty of Finance and Accountancy – Beyond Financial Reporting Conference 2019 

“Future of Competitiveness = Digitalisation + Working Knowledge” in the World of Finance and Accounting


7th November 2019

Budapest Business School, 29-31 Markó street, Budapest (Hungary)

Owing to digitalisation, finance and accounting have been undergoing profound changes. Communication between organisations, the internal functioning of organisations, as well as the monitoring, modelling and prediction of business processes are all corporate aspects that are being fundamentally transformed by new technological solutions and opportunities. These changes are unlikely to come to halt and they are expected to accelerate in the future. 

A number of questions are raised by these changing and constantly evolving internal and external environments, which can be addressed and answered only with the help of academic and practical knowledge. How is digitalisation currently manifested in the fields and processes of finance and accounting? In the case of a company, what factors contribute to the main sources of competitiveness in the future? To what extent will basic working knowledge continue to remain the basis of competitiveness? Will general and job-specific skills be separable from each other? Will financial and accounting experts disappear in the future, or is their work going to be even more complex and specialised? And finally, in view of the above, will we need to train and prepare fewer or – on the contrary – far more experts in the future?

The above questions will be addressed in the presentations by both professionals and academics at the conference organised by Budapest Business School’s Faculty of Finance and Accountancy. One of the main goals of the event is to demonstrate how the latest results of scientific research can induce novel solutions in professional circles. On the other hand, by linking practical business models and solutions tested in the field of everyday professional practice with scientific queries and research, the conference event also hopes to contribute to the professional renewal of finance and accounting.